In the void between the worlds something is shifting. The balance between the Elements is slipping and the darkness is growing.


A girl's nightmare speaks of things yet to come, a battle against beings filled with shadows. A young man watches death approach, cold as the blade it rides. A rose blooms in the pale moonlight, a gentle breeze stirs in the stillness and yellow eyes watch over the city.


And destiny has linked them all.


The earth will dress in blood and pain

And seas will scream beneath the rain

The tortured air will twist and turn

And in the fire, darkness burns


WOW - what an amazing adventure and world created by C.L.Aire in her first novel, quite an achievement. The detail and descriptions are so vivid the book comes alive and as you finish the last page you are left waiting for when the next installment will come through. Alana, Australia


A great read! Lots of excitement and really vivid imagery in my favourite scenes. Looking forward to the next one!

Carla, Australia


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